WP1 Transfer Standards for test laboratories

Aims to develop transfer standards for test laboratories that can be used as references not only in performance measurements of the key optical and electrical parameters of novel SSL products but also to validate the facilities/setups.

WP2 Traceable measurement methods

Aims to develop traceable measurement methods to measure important but challenging properties of novel SSLs such as the 3D light distribution from large area OLEDs and next generation SSL (e.g. 3D nano-structured LED and flexible Chip on Flex) and the electrical and optical characteristics of AC/DC/short pulse driven dimmable SSLs.

WP3 Safety aspects and comfort

Addresses the metrological needs for safety: such as photo-biological safety and flicker aspects, and metrics for comfort/well-being aspects.

WP4 Lifetime, ageing and reliability

Aims to bring traceability to lifetime prediction and reliability measures, but also will probe the physics of ageing mechanisms, allowing uncertainties to be assigned to the measured parameters for the first time.

"The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union on the basis of Decision No 912/2009/EC."